Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Ten Theses

The Ten Theses

Dr. Todenhöfer’s rendering of history has been vetted by three of the world’s best newspapers. It is designed to debunk a millennium of disinformation and mindless violence. Surprising as they may be for some, the facts are the facts, and the Theses seek only to help us accept the past, understand the present, in order to create a just future. Facts are meaningless unless the heart and soul join with them, and each of our artists will bring their own feelings and imaginations to these truths.

The Ten Theses comprise an extensively documented and nuanced essay, but these are the ten broad subjects that they explore:

  1. The West is much more violent than the Muslim world.
  2. In view of the warmongering of the West, Muslim extremism is not really surprising.
  3. Terrorists in Islamic disguise are murderers. But the same holds true for the ringleaders of illegal wars of aggression in Christian disguise.
  4. Muslims are at least as tolerant as Jews or Christians. They have made a great contribution to Western civilization.
  5. Love of God and love of one’s neighbor are the central commandments not only in the Bible but in the Qur’an.
  6. Western policies towards the Muslim world suffer from a shocking ignorance of even the simplest facts.
  7. The West must treat the Muslim world just as fairly and as generously as it treats Israel.
  8. The Muslims must champion a progressive and tolerant Islam, as did their prophet Muhammad.
  9. Nothing fosters terrorism more than the West’s “war on terror.”
  10. What is needed now is the art of statesmanship, not the art of war

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